Exploring the unknown.
Lonely Death is a special edition book that explores the speculative experience of dying alone. A collection of 10 novellas, this book explores this unique subject matter by encouraging the reader to consider and imagine what this experience may be like. 

Experience through typography.
Lonely Death invites the reader to discover, make judgement and experience what it may feel like to die alone as we enter a confusing and non-sensical moment in time and space. The development of a unique letter removal system allows for the degeneration of type as the book progresses, visually reflecting the process of degradation and decomposition. 

The fragility of life and death.
The raw, open spine of the book is a reflection of the personal and somewhat course journey the book takes the reader on. The unique binding method reflects the fragility of life, a single piece of binding cord that with one cut would cause the book to fall apart. 

Provoking conversations.
This book is a daunting yet intriguing read that puts the reader on edge whilst also providing comfort. It has continued to acts as a catalyst for an ongoing discussion around the experience of dying alone and how we may better support those who are likely to experience this. 

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