Connecting a home.
In a digital age, fostering a sense of connection within a home is becoming increasingly difficult. Kimotive is an interactive work that functions as a key holder and emotional mapping tool, inspiring conversation between dwellers that strengthens connections within a physical space. 

Visualising emotion. 
Using the power of colour, Kimotive invites users to place their keys onto a holder that reflects their current mood and emotion. With no guide or key connecting a specific colour with a particular mood, users are given the freedom to interpret and associate the spectrum for themselves. The work promotes awareness of others and acts as an instigator of conversation. 

Touch and feel. 
Catering to the senses, the individual key holders are uniquely hand-crafted and have a sense of play about them. They invite the user to touch, feel and interact with them through the unique texture and bright colours of the object. 

Focusing on why rather than what. 
Working in this interesting problem space, it was important that the right outcome was produced, not just the most aesthetically pleasing one. This was made possible through the coming together of different disciplinary perspectives that drew upon design thinking, rooting the project in its ‘why’ and not just ‘what’. Remaining open minded and adaptive throughout the process, the final product not only responds to the issue in an original way but also provides a useful and productive tool. 

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